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Intro to Advanced CAM Solutions

3-Part On-Demand Webinar Series
In the ever-changing world of manufacturing, keeping up-to-date with the latest information is imperative to maintaining your competitive edge —

When utilizing Autodesk's advanced manufacturing solutions, It's never been easier to create precision complex parts with advanced programming and rapid problem solving using dedicated CNC strategies.


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Activate manufacturing tool extensions in Fusion 360 to enable more advanced CAM functionality.

Programming automated toolpaths in FeatureCAM for optimized turning efficiency.

Leverage PowerMill's 5-axis CNC strategies with expert toolpath control and automation.

In this 3-Part Recorded Webinar series, you will discover how to better utilize the powerful tools at your disposal so you can maximize CNC machine efficiency and part quality.


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Released: AUG 19 | 2:00 P.M CST - 30 min

Activate Manufacturing Extensions within Fusion 360

In this event we will cover how to activate the manufacturing extension in Fusion 360 to enable more advanced CAM functionality for increased production efficiency via complex surface finishing, automated drilling, and automated verification workflows. Tools from FeatureCAM, PowerMill, and PowerInspect.

We will cover

  • Steep and Shallow finishing with 5-axis machining and collision avoidance - PowerMill.
  • Automatic hole recognition.
  • Rotary strategy for simultaneous 4-axis machining.
  • Probing strategies for in-process and post-machining inspection.
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Released: SEP 25 | 2:00 P.M CST - 30 min 

Programming B and Y Axis Turning and Milling with FeatureCAM

Here we will showcase the capability of FeatureCAM on turnmills through automated toolpaths, Y vs C axis selection, and programming a B axis. Then we'll show how to optimize machines by synching toolpaths across the main and sub-spindle.

We will cover

  • Programming Y axis live tooling.

  • Programming B axis turning and milling.

  • Using Feature Recognition for turning operations.

  • Extracting curves for turning profiles.

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Released: OCT 29 | 2:00 P.M CST - 30 min

Discover the Power of 5-Axis Milling with PowerMill

This webinar will highlight how PowerMill improves cycle times and surface finish through expert toolpath control and efficient machine motion. We will showcase 5 axis toolpaths and how to automate tilting and give users full control of their toolpaths. We will then verify safe movements with toolpath collision, gauge and machine simulation verification.

We will cover

  • 5 axis toolpaths.

  • Toolpath editing.

  • 5th-axis toolpath control.

  • Toolpath Verification.




Learn how D3® and advanced Manufacturing Solutions can optimize your design and manufacturing capabilities. 


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