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Configure, Price, Quote

Unlike any other CPQ Solution, Ruler Platform uses the full power of an ETO Solution tailored for CPQ, which allows you to generate an accurate configuration on the first time.

We are able to meet any CPQ needs, while also being able to generate Real time parametric models, amazing graphics, Production Drawings and Integration to ERP or CRM






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Save Money-3

146% Increase in Annual Sales

Faster Quote Time-3

95% Faster Quote Time

Reduction in Engineering-2

95% Reduction Engineering Time


75% Reduction in Quality Cost

Integrated Enterprise-2

Integration Priceless

CPQ Graphic

D3 Ruler Automation Platform

D3 Ruler Automation Platform is a proven approach to automating your sales and design process.  Our single platform of technology can be used for ETO, CPQ of CTO. 

Our platform utilizes loosely coupled components that can be easily tailored to meet your needs.  You can begin with our pricing module and evolve to models and drawings, or the complete solution.  We can even leverage existing systems to you save time and money.

Ruler will not only assure accuracy, but will also generate quotes faster to increase your win rate.

Get your Quotes, Models, Item/BOM Data, Data Sheets and production Drawings with a click of a button.   

What differentiates D3 Ruler CPQ from other CPQ systems?

  • Can produce Inventor/Solidworks/Forge/Revit outputs
  • Design Rules are brought to the front of the process so that the quote is not a Guestimate, but rather a real connection between idea & cost
  • Web based/Server based/Cloud based – access it from anywhere and the interface is controlled by the user authority level/role
  • Everything is project specific and not generic
  • Libraries don’t exist nor need to be maintained
  • Can integrate with any CRM/ERP/PLM System
  • Get your Quote in minutes, along with your Models and Drawings

Our Customers

Meet some of the companies that have successfully

implemented our automation solutions.


Advance Storage

"Ruler’s speed and real time 3D graphics made it a no-brainer to replace our Infor CPQ solution."



"There is no comparison between Ruler and our existing CPQ app.  Ruler makes quoting our playgrounds fun and fast."

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