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Engineer To Order

Engineer to order products create some of the most challenging problems for manufacturers. The Ruler Automation Platform of solutions can solve your unique requirements. 






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Save Money-3

130% Increase in Annual Sales

Faster Quote Time-3

95% Faster Quote Time

Reduction in Engineering-2

90% Reduction Engineering Time


35% Increase in Production

Integrated Enterprise-2

Integration Priceless

Engineer To Order

D3 Ruler Automation Platform

D3 Ruler Automation Platform is a proven approach to automating your sales and design process.  Incorporate design and manufacturing rules earlier into the process where you will get real time feedback on the client specifications.   This will not only assure accuracy, but will also generate quotes faster, whereby you will increase your win rate.

Get your Quotes, Models, Item/BOM Data, Data Sheets and production Drawings with a click of a button.   

Why consider D3 Ruler Automation Platform?

  • Design Rules are brought to the front of the process so that the quote is not a guestimate, but rather a real connection between idea & cost
  • Ruler drives project specific, real time, visualization which can then drive the project specific engineering outputs
  • D3 Ruler can produce outputs from Inventor, Solidworks, Forge, or Revit based on the input of specifications
  • D3 Ruler Automation offers true and accurate engineering outputs (3D Parametric Models, Drawings, Item/BOM)
  • Ruler has seamless integration to PDM to track change, update item/BOM’s, and generate shop drawings

Our Customers

Meet some of the companies that have successfully

implemented our automation solutions.

Hussey Logo-1

Hussey & Co

"A change order came in on Friday and would have normally meant I was working 16hrs over the weekend on overtime to get it back out by Monday, but now it was 5 minutes of work and I got my weekend back."


Chart Industries

"We just ran an entire year’s worth of projects through the system in 8 days during testing."

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