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Increased Productivity

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Time Saving

Cool Orange 3-1

About Cool Orange and Our Partnership

Cool Orange is a company committed to making PLM and PDM automation accessible to companies around the world. D3 and Cool Orange have created a seamless automation ecosystem to save companies time by automating repetitive tasks. Many manufacturing companies are still using highly paid engineers to manually create various file formats from released engineering drawings to share with purchasing, the shop floor, and external organizations. Our automation automatically creates PDF/DXF/DWG/STEP and other file formats, properly names and files them while ensuring the right people get the right design data at the right time.

Included with PLM and PDM automation

Script Automatically Creates Files

Upon a lifecycle transition of CAD models and/or on demand, script automatically creates PDF/DXF/DWG/STEP and other file formats.

Weekly Back-Ups

Ensure weekly back-up job runs to support consistent data quality.

Locking Files

While a publishing job is in the queue or processing, an Events script will be triggered to lock the file so it can’t be checked out, modified or relocated until the job completes, to guarantee that the file will not be checked out by someone else.

Associated DWF Script

On a weekly basis, run a script to confirm that released CAD files have associated DWF
visualization files.

Error Notifications

While a publishing job is in the queue or processing, the Client script will monitor the job queue and inform the user if the job runs into a problem.

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