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Do you want your CPQ to give you CAD and Drawing outputs specific to the configuration?

Do you want your Estimating Tool to give you CAD and Drawing outputs specific to the configuration?

Do you want to lower the cost to quote complex rules-based designs and still deliver eye-popping proposals that are NOT a GUESS?


D3 uses a unique combination of ETO, CTO, and CPQ to bring you a tailored automation experience that will increase efficiency and save you time and money.

D3 has a dedicated team focused on helping you increase sales and engineering process efficiency for manufacturing companies like yours! The D3 Automation team has an extensive knowledge and experience customizing, automating, and improving a number of key manufacturing outputs such as quoting, 2D drawings, 3D models, BIM models, and integrated document management systems and MRP/ERP systems.


Learn about RULER, D3's Automation tool for complex products you sell to the market.


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Maximum output and efficiency has become the gold standard for Manufacturers. This is why automation in manufacturing has become so crucial. Anything less results in loss of profit due to slow inefficient production.

Our expertise takes you beyond the normal programming tools available to programmers and delivers customized solutions for your organization. Balance the possible with the practical to turn your visions into tangible and strategic improvements. 

💥Take a look at our new Drawing Approval Automation tools set

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D3 Automation tools are a part of D3 Enterprise Solutions.
With D3 Enterprise solutions, our clients are experiencing increased revenue through improved control of their product data, workflow processes, and resource planning