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D3 Training Overview (2:31 min)

Check out D3's new training courses below! 

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New Course Offerings

NVW-102 Navisworks Verification

OPEN NOW - This course utilizes some of the more advanced features within the Navisworks software to identify potential conflicts within a collaborative design.

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FSN-320 Introduction to Generative Design

OPEN NOW - Generative Design may just sound like a buzzword, but with the tools in Fusion 360's Generative Design environment you can make real-world application for your own products and processes.

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FSN-321 Using Generative Design

OPEN NOW - The class starts with modeling or importing reference geometry. Next, we will dive into details on setup including solution types, manufacturing and material options, and tips for setting up loads and constraints.

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INV-307 Inventor Tolerance Analysis

OPEN NOW - Students will discover how to set up an Inventor or 3rd party model for a tolerance analysis, configure the analysis criteria, and review the results. Areas of investigation will include fit and function inside of parts and assemblies.

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INV-205 Using Inventor Design Accelerators

OPEN NOW - This class will cover the various time-saving Design Accelerators built into Inventor. Specific topics will include Bolted Connections, Gear & Shaft generators, Belts, Chains, & Pulleys, as well as Springs.

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INV-206 Inventor Frame Generator

OPEN NOW - This class will cover Inventor's Frame Generator workflow. In addition to creating frames, discussions will include the use of Content Center, managing the generated files, an overview of Frame Analysis, and the basics of creating customized frame cross-sections.

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INV-403 Inventor Admin: Project Files and Templates

OPEN NOW - This course will cover the setup and use of Project files as well as the setup and configuration of Autodesk Inventor Drawing Resources (Title Blocks, Borders, Symbols) and configuration necessary to ensure a company's standards are followed.

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INV-404 Inventor Admin: Styles and Standards

OPEN NOW - This course will cover the setup and configuration of Autodesk Inventor's Styles and Standards library. Focuses will be setting up Inventor Style Libraries necessary to ensure a company's standards are followed in Drawings.

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INV-405 Inventor Admin: Content Center Customization

OPEN NOW - This course will cover the setup and configuration of Autodesk Inventor Content Center. Students will create their own custom library and establish custom naming of existing content. Students will also add their own categories and custom components to Content Center.

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RVT-001 Introduction to Revit

OPEN NOW - The class will focus on introducing you to the BIM workflow, Interface, Navigation, Modify and Editing tools as well as basic 3d modeling to get you comfortable and ready to start working with Revit software regardless of your discipline focus.

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RVT-101 Revit Essential Tools

OPEN NOW - This class will focus on the tools needed to start a Revit Project and develop the foundational skills of designing with Revit regardless of discipline focus.

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RVT-102 Revit Annotations Sheets & Printing

OPEN NOW - This class will focus on the skills necessary to properly create, manage and use sheets and annotation tools for your construction document phase regardless of your design discipline.

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