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Introduction to MoldFlow®

3-Part Webinar Series
Injection molding is often the best solution to manufacture complex, tight-tolerance plastic components, but —
Many variables need to be optimized in order to hit the desired dimensions. Material Selection, Gate Location, Packing Profile, Cooling Line Layout, and Tool Construction all need to be considered in order to get it right the first time.


Join us to learn how to —


Optimize your plastic part designs before having a mold design.

Enhance your cooling system and evaluate the impact of different mold materials.

Reduce your plastic part warpage.

In this 3-Part Webinar series, we will examine how the traditional design cycle for plastic components and manufacturing optimization is often a decoupled process and what you can do to fix this.
By taking a more holistic approach, you can begin to understand where the interrelated variables of design and material will influence mold construction and part performance, helping you make crucial decisions earlier in the design process.

MAY 13 | 11:00 A.M CST - 45 min

Plastic Part Optimization Before Mold Design

In this webinar we will showcase how part and mold designers can utilize injection molding simulation quickly and efficiently to identify common plastic design issues early in the design cycle, without a mold design.

We will cover

  • Issues such as non-uniform wall thickness, sink marks, non-ideal gating scenarios, and excessive part warpage.
  • How these issues can all be identified and addressed before time and money is spent on developing a non-ideal mold design that will yield an inferior part.
this webinar is over

MAY 27 | 11:00 A.M CST - 45 min 

How Mold Cooling Affects your Part Performance and Cost

Here we will discuss the important aspects of the mold cooling design on molding efficiency, and will also highlight how decisions on this design aspect actually influence the end performance of your plastic part. These points will be illustrated through practical engineer calculations and validated through case studies.

We will cover—

  • How making small improvements in cycle time can have a dramatic impact on total efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line.

  • How by scrutinizing each stage of production time helps mold engineers manage the trade-offs between productivity and part quality.

this webinar is over
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JUN 3 | 11:00 A.M CST - 45 min

Reducing Plastic Part Warpage using Moldflow®

This webinar will highlight how utilizing injection molding simulation allows designers and engineers to look into the entire mold and diagnose the root cause of the warpage. Ultimately, using simulation helps find solutions faster that yield higher quality parts that reach the market faster.

We will cover—

  • What are the main factors that drive warpage in plastic parts.

  • How to use simulation to isolate the root cause of warpage.

  • Workflow to incorporate windage (anti-warp) into your model to generate a dimensionally correct part.





Learn how D3® and Moldflow® can optimize your design and manufacturing capabilities.