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Join The New Era of Digital Transformation

Sales and Design Automation significantly increases revenue, optimizes process, reduces errors, and increases overall throughput.



D3 Ruler Automation is a Sales and Design Automation Platform of Technology with loosely coupled modules that can be configured for any CPQ, CTO and ETO business model needs.

What Role DO Sales and Design Automation Play?

Automation was once considered a means to differentiate and thrive against competition.  Today, we believe it is essential for survival.  Automation of repetitive tasks, the connectivity of teams, and the integration of data are critical. The expertise of our team takes you beyond the normal programming tools available and/or specific solutions of engineering.  We take a more holistic view of how your company functions.  Balance the possible with the practical to turn your visions into tangible and strategic improvements.



How is Our D3 Ruler Platform Different From Other Automation Platforms?

D3 Ruler is a single Platform that can configured to meet any combination of ETO, CTO, and CPQ business model needs.  How is Ruler different from all the other technologies:

  • Design Rules are brought to the front of the process, so that the quote is not a guestimate, but rather a real connection between idea & cost by integrating to your ERP
  • Ruler drives project specific, real time, visualization which can then drive the project specific engineering outputs
  • Ruler can produce outputs from Inventor, Solidworks, Forge, or Revit based on the input of specifications
  • Ruler offers true and accurate engineering outputs (3D Parametric Models, Drawings, Item/BOM)
  • Ruler has seamless integration to PDM to track change, update item/BOM’s and generate shop drawings

What is D3 Enterprise Solutions?

There are many variables when running a business. Many processes need to connect with one another to make a seamless and cohesive business ecosystem. D3 Enterprise Solutions is aimed at connecting all of these disjointed processes and creating a complete ecosystem of automation, enterprise resource planning, data management, and product lifecycle. Learn more about our packaged service offerings!

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Our Real Clients

Hear from some of our customers who have succeeded with our D3 Ruler Automation Platform

I have nothing but good things to say about our relationship and experience with D3 Technologies. We’ve always received much more than we expected for our money.

D3 helped install it, but we were able to adjust it in powerful ways to make it serve us better. Most of our engineers have little or no experience with programming, but they understand this tool. That can’t be said for Fortran, Visual Basic, or any other alternative. With D3’s solution, design automation is viable and can be easily maintained from within our organization.

After looking at what your rules engine is doing, I feel like I have been rubbing sticks together to make fire and you have a blow torch!