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Benefits of the ELECTRICAL toolset

DECEMBER 16th - Live Webinar

Every subscription to AutoCAD includes access to seven industry-specific toolsets. Join us to learn about the advantages of using the electrical toolset.

Benefits of the MECHANICAL toolset

JANUARY 21st - Live Webinar

Recent studies show an average productivity gain of up to 63% for AutoCAD tasks completed with the help of a specialized toolset. Gain insight into the benefits of the mechanical toolset in this webinar.

Intro to Advanced CAM Solutions Webinar Series


In this 3-Part Recorded Webinar series, you will discover how to better utilize the powerful tools at your disposal so you can maximize CNC machine efficiency and part quality.

Data Management & Engineering with a Remote Workforce

Watch our on-demand webinar answering some of your questions on working remotely with Autodesk software and our manufacturing solutions.

D3 Virtual Office Hours - FUSION 360

Reoccurring - Online

Join our 1-hour FREE open forums and get answers to your Fusion 360 modeling questions from D3's certified instructors!

PLM Webinar Library

On-demand Webinars - Learn more about product lifecycle management and how D3 can help you take your product management to the next level with the help of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle.

Thanks for your interest in our D3 events! If you have any questions you can contact us at communications@teamd3.com or call us at 877-831-7171. We look forward to seeing you!