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That’s why we’re retiring our plans based on serial numbers and launching new plans based on people. Starting May 7, 2020, you’ll be able to trade in your maintenance plan or multi-user subscription at a cost consistent with what you pay today.

10 REASONS our shift to plans centered around people instead of serial numbers is the best way to discover what’s possible.
This is only the beginning. Expect a far more relevant user experience– more efficient collaboration, more constructive insights and more time-saving convenience. It all starts here when you transition to named user plans.

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The named user model is a better fit for today’s business practices, streamlining administrative work.

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New plan options provide a range of administrative, support, control and reporting to fit the size and needs of your business.

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You can see your usage data and determine in the future, who on your team needs dedicated or flexible access.

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You can view usage frequency by product and version, allowing you to optimize your licensing costs.

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You have 1:1 software access, so your employees always have the tools they need when they need them, avoiding downtime when all licenses are in use.

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In the future, you’ll get insights to analyze collaboration data and find new ways to make your team more productive.

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Replace the need for tracking serial numbers with an efficient cloud based license management approach.

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Security features, such as two-factor authentication in a standard plan or single sign-on in a premium plan, keep your design data safe.

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If you have a multi-user subscription at your first renewal only, after August 7, 2020 trade in one seat for two standard subscriptions for one named user each, at a cost consistent with what you pay today. For current standalone or network maintenance plans, at your first renewal before May 7,  2021 you can trade-in one standalone or network maintenance seat for one standard subscription (trade in standalone and get single-user access; trade in network and get multi-user access) at a price similar to what you’re paying in 2019 for maintenance. After trade-in, network maintenance plan customers will also have an opportunity to take advantage of the multi-user trade-in at their next renewal after August 7, 2020.

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Keep your costs consistent with what you pay today, get more value, and get an ongoing discount to 2028*.

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