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  • Selecting All Hidden or Suppressed Parts in an Assembly
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If you have a multi-level assembly and you want to select all components that are either hidden or suppressed, then it is easy to do using the search options.

1. Select the Search Tool at the top of the browser. It will bring up a dialog box for you to define criteria for your search.

Parts in Assembly - 1

2. Select the items you want to search for, in this case Visible. Make sure you set condition to No and pick Add to list.
Parts in Assembly - 2
3. Select the other items to search for, in this case Suppress State and make sure the Value is set to Suppressed. Also, under Define more criteria be sure it is set to Or, and then pick Add to list.

  1. Parts in Assembly - 3

4. Select the Find Now button and see the results in the tree. It will find all the hidden or suppressed components in the tree even if they are deep in a sub-assembly. You can then delete them or turn back on with a right click.
Parts in Assembly - 4

5. You can save the search in case you want to use it again in the future. Select Save Search and type in a name.Parts in Assembly - 5

6. The next time you go to do a search hit Clear Search, Open Search and pick the one you want to use.

Parts in Assembly - 6


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